5 Best Apps For Productivity

The top apps for productivity on Android make you efficient and effective. Productivity apps allow you to get the concise information that you need and enables us to communicate with others. Productivity apps are used side by side to make your daily tasks easier whether it is connecting with colleagues, quick typing; accessing notes easily, sign and restore a record or even plan your work ventures. The best productivity apps let you do all that and much more to up your performance and increase your overall work rate.
Looking at different apps available for Android, it is hard to categorize and select the best ones. There are a number of features to consider and then decide which one is best suited for you. Initially, to narrow down our search and still remain in the domain of productivity, two broad factors are considered: Universality and Context.  The apps that need to be selected should not be industry or profession specific. They should be able appeal to a broad category of people with different interests and domain. Also, it is important for productivity apps to be able to perform all the relevant tasks on your Mobile, which a personal computer or a laptop can do, without any delay or hassle. It is important to consider that the productivity app should be efficient enough to increase your productivity without compromising their performance.


Evernote is a ground-breaking notebook app for taking notes of all-kinds. The app allows you to take quick notes along with options to add audio and images for your convenience. Keep track of documents, memos, forms, receipts etc. by just taking a snap of them directly from the app and adding a checklist or text notes. Using the OCR technology the app also facilitates text search within an image. The app is available for free and is must for android users. In order to enjoy the additional benefits of the app, such as cross-device syncing, collaboration features, upto 10GB uploads, text search in PDF and much more, users need to buy the premium plan which is $7.99 per month.

Google Drive

Having a dependable sync app is utmost crucial for your mobile which makes sure, your files are available wherever and whenever you need them. Google Drive gives you the option to sync and keep a backup of your files and folders. Integrated with some of the most significantly used apps of Google Suite such as Google sheets, slides, Docs and some more, Google Drive provides the users with great features to manage their files on cloud. The most intriguing feature of this app is the 15GB free storage space which is surely more than enough for users without need to buy the premium version.


The most efficient app for building and organizing new ideas and thoughts and to share them with whomever you want. Trello redefined the way people think about managing and organizing your task. People can create and use different boards for a more efficient management of tasks and projects. Each board allows you to work on individual task at a time. Think of a new idea or a feature for your project and add it to the Trello card, Share with your teammates or co-workers and add it to the list of similar ideas. It is also available for free with all of its core features making it one of the best Task Managing apps for you.


One of the most widely used Time-tracking app for your project. Track how much time you spend on different tasks in your project with a well-maintained log for each of them. It can be used to track billable hours with your client, or to track time spent away from your desk. The most eye catching feature of the app is that it is available for free and can be used on desktop as well. For some additional reporting and management features you may need to buy the premium version. Also, the recorded data is synced across different devices you use.


Bridging the distance between your computer and mobile, Pushbullet enables you to syncs both of them together and avoid having to switch between them while you are working. It is basically a notification tool that can be customized according to your needs. Sending files, or accessing phone apps and respond to text messages from your computer without even touching your phone. Pushullet allows you to setup customized channels to get whatever notifications you want. Unlimited Notification customization and upto 25MB file transfer are available in free version. With paid version you will get the feature of upto 1 GB file transfer and unlimited text forwarding. 

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