Safari holidays are an opportunity to escape makes an unforgettable vacation researching Africa's sprawling scrublands and shimmering lakes, increasing its rocky mountain ranges and unwinding on its heaven beaches.  Become a wildlife specialist as you know about the African Elephant -- the world's biggest land mammal -- and also the way glossy leopards can run at rates of around 35mph.  Cape Buffalo possess a nervous character so stick together; observe on from the security of your safari jeep since they thunder throughout the property in enormous herds.  After exhilarating days monitoring mountain gorillas through the mist, go back to the luxury of the safari lodge. 

Join the animal realm on safari vacations

We have crafted a vast variety of safari vacations certain to dip you into the core of the animal kingdom.  Flying to eight African destinations, you may opt to venture into enormous national parks; capture a bird's eye view in the private airplane, or scuba dive Africa's aquatic worlds. 
Tour is ideal as the very first time safari as it will take you on a whistle-stop excursion of dusty plains, shallow lagoons and sandy dunes.
Do not miss one minute; wake up early to observe the sun cast orange and red beams across the Namib Desert mountains since it climbs.  For an exotic experience trek through pine forests and imposing peaks into find mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.  Embark on a family safari to Tanzania, at which the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater will create kids gleefully wonder if they have awakened at the Lion King.  Honeymooning couples will delight in the luxury of remaining in spacious tents on the banks of the Mara River.

Why go on Vacation to Africa?

Africa is a great, One-of-a-kind holiday destination, supplying every chance to enjoy authentic adventures -- regardless of if you would rather go on shore, adventure glorious countryside, or climb Kilimanjaro. A vacation to Africa is a must for an Adventure featuring the largest, most beautiful national parks, remarkable wild creatures in their natural environment, and also the most beautiful, unspoiled, brilliant white sandy shores. A vacation to Africa is a trip of a life.

Destinations in Africa


The East African country of Tanzania is the most popular vacation destination.  It's the best place to experience amazing wildlife -- such as the Big Five -- also as glorious countryside containing mountains, nature reserves and inland lakes. Our tours to Tanzania typically begin with a safari, together with the option of a shore Vacation in Zanzibar or at Mombasa, Kenya, to round off it.  You can also unite among the world's finest safari destinations, Tanzania and Kenya, on one and the same holiday.

South Africa

In South Africa, you've got the opportunity to experience mythical creatures like lions, leopards, rhinoceroses and elephants up close. Our Excursions to South Africa normally begin using a safari in Kruger National Park, for instance. As an alternative, you may experience South Africa's wildlife and nature on a self-drive vacation on the Garden Route. Blend your pond with a beach vacation on Mauritius, a safari in Botswana, a city break in Cape Town, or the natural delights of a visit to the Victoria Falls.


In Tanzania, close to the border with Kenya, you'll discover Kilimanjaro -- the maximum mountain in Africa -- rising to an altitude of 5,895 masl.   We Organise unique holidays to Kilimanjaro, giving you the opportunity to ascend the magnificent mountain along a number of routes, such as the Machame route, the Shira route, the Lemosho route, the Marangu route or through the Rongai route.   The location of the mountain near The Equator usually means you could scale it all year round.  Finish off your Trekking holiday with a safari in Tanzania or a relaxing beach holiday on Zanzibar.


Is a former German colony in the south of Africa, renowned for its rocky countryside which contains a few of the most scenic desert landscapes in the world, in addition to orange-red sand dunes which are a firm favorite with photographers?  Etosha National Park is one of the best safari destinations in Africa, in which you have the opportunity to encounter giraffes, lions, zebras and many other wild creatures.   We provide an exciting Choice of tours in Namibia, including the choice to research Namibia in your on a one-way vacation.


Zambia presents outstanding nature. Get Right up near the magnificent waterfall, Victoria Falls, which can be sure to take your breath away, along with the wonderful Zambezi River that flows 2,700 kilometers throughout six African nations.   You are able to combine a vacation to Zambia using a collection of different destinations like Botswana and South Africa.


Botswana is one of Africa's most exclusive beach front destinations, with much less visited national parks where you can visit Africa's most famed species, such as in Chobe National Park, where you may enjoy conventional safaris and river safaris around the Chobe River.   It's possible to unite Botswana along with different destinations, such as Zambia, South Africa and Namibia.


Nestling from the southern part of Central Africa, Uganda is a frequently overlooked destination.  Described by Winston Churchill as ‘the pearl of Africa', Uganda features diverse countryside containing rainforest, savannah and rivers and three national parks which are home to animals such as elephants and lions.  Moreover, Uganda is Ideal for chimpanzee- and gorilla-tracking.