What's the stock exchange? 

A stock exchange or for that matter a share market is a place where buyers and sellers of shares trade and meet. Here stocks can also be known as shares and the stocks comprise both, the ones that are recorded on the stock market and the ones that are traded individually rather than recorded on the market.

What's termed as betting?

Gambling is the wagering of money or for this matter, trading something of value to the occurrence of the event.  This occurrence of the event is short term.  The results of the event are unclear and money is wagered so as to acquire a handsome gain.   Therefore, more just, betting is gambling money on the occurrence of an occasion to put on a profit.   Because of this, it's termed as betting.

What is investing?

To invest is to dedicate funds whether money or time with a goal to make a profit later on.  This advantage could be abstract or concrete.  It might be of a financial nature or substance nature.  In fiscal terms, the anticipated advantage of investment of cash is a yield, again, concerning cash, in the kind of capital profit, investment income such as dividends, interest, rental income, etc.  Purchasing is for the long term such as for three/five/seven/ten decades.  Purchasing within the principles of fund is deemed healthy and thus it isn't betting and the individual who does it's called an investor.

Why is the stock exchange used for gaming rather than investing?

 It is human nature to seek out a reward or return if a person invests time or money, each of which carries worth.  After the money is set in the stock exchange with a goal to “bet", then it's called as betting.  But if a person puts cash in it with a goal to “invest", then that's called an investment.  However, most of the individuals investing in the stock exchange have a tendency to perform it for the brief term and so they are thought to be "gaming", as clarified previously.  Very few of these really invest in to "invest".   If people begin, placing cash in the stock exchange for long term, over fifty percent of the brokerages won't be able to perform any enterprise.  Thus we see not only the stock exchange, but also a bunch of different companies are flourishing on the individual nature of being a gambler.  The notion of making handsome returns, quickly, is like committing suicide.  However, rarely is it that people know this principle.  It's contrary to the principles of fund, but then not a lot of individuals follow it.  This is because it’s human nature to seek excitement.

 Hence, stock exchange is termed as gambling instead of an Investment.

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