Compensation at skyrocketing speed received by the Travel Chief Executive officer continuous to be the most debated topic. The list of best-paid CEO includes well-known personalities like Glenn Fogel, Mark Okerstrom, and Gillian Tans. The travel group company CEO's took pay cuts in the previous year, and this is because their pay in 2017 was spectacular. However, the CEO of Booking Holdings is the most highly paid online travel company CEO in 2018 with a payout of $20.45 million

In the below table you can find the list of the travel company CEO's, their pay in 2017 and 2018, Percentage change and Median Worker Ratio.

Online Travel CEO Pay 2018

2017 Pay
2018 Pay
% Change
Median Worker Ratio
Glenn Fogel
Booking Holdings
402 to 1
Gillian Tans
Mark Okerstrom
194 to 1
Steve Kaufer
19 to 1

Glenn Fogel - Booking Holdings

With $20.45M payout, Booking Holdings CEO tops the list. However, there is a setback in the payout as the payout was $27.77M in 2017.

During the CEO performance determination, the organization's compensation committee considered the account room night growth which is around 12.9 percent, revenue growth(16.8 %), amortization growth(18%) and adjusted earnings before taxes.

Gillian Tans  - Booking.Com

Gillian Tans – CEO of is the next highly paid travel CEO with a compensation of $14.47M. She served as both CEO and President of the company from April 2016 to June 2019. There is a 6% hike in her payout when compared with the previous year. Although in 2018, GILLIAN TANS saw her stock awards rise by $1 million to $9 million (approximately), her cash bonus decreased to 3.76 percent to $4.84 million. 

Mark Okerstrom – Expedia

MARK OKERSTROM is the CEO and President of the Expedia Group. With compensation of $30.72M, 2017 was a glorious year for OKERSTROM, and this was because he benefited mainly from the substantial awards. But 2018 was a huge setback for him as the compensation reduction was large($13.08M). Mark Okerstrom received $3.5 million in stock awards in the year 2017. He saw his cash bonus increase around 140 percent to $3 million in 2018. While determining the compensation for the CEO and other executives, the company considered its performance 12 percent, 15 percent, and 35 percent increases in revenue.

Steve Kaufer – TripAdvisor

As depicted in the above table, the CEO and President STEVE KAUFER'S compensation plummeted in the previous year to $1.97 million, down from $48 million (approximately) a year earlier. In the year 2017 STEVE KAUFER received $28.57 million and nearly $18.3 million stock awards, but in 2018 he didn't benefit from any stock awards. He also received a significant equity grant for long-term incentive compensation in November 2017. However, TripAdvisor CEO's bonus increased up to 232 percent to $1.16 million in 2018.