7 Key Technology Trends Emerging in the Travel & Tourism Industry

It is crucial for any Hotel business or travel to keep up with the latest technologies to flourish in their business. The emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual  Reality, and Robotics helps in serving their customers better and improve their performance with better customer experience.

Read on to know more about the emerging technologies in the Travel and Tourism industry, which improves the customer experience.

1. IoT ( Internet of Things)

IoT is one of the most trending technologies in every business. As far travel industry, it helps in increasing the inter-connectivity between the devices which lets them send and receive data. You can find in some hotels where customers are provided with a device that is well connected with electrical appliances like lights, AC and heaters. This helps the customers to control the device from one place.

2. Recognition Technology

Fingerprint recognition, retina scanning, facial recognition, and various other biometric identifiers use this Recognition Technology. This technology lets the customers access the rooms through fingerprints.

3. Virtual Reality

For the travel and tourism industry, virtual reality is one of the promising technology in recent years. Using this technology, they can transport the customers digitally to a virtual recreation in any place. By making use of this technology, hotels can establish their infrastructure and facilities to their customers.
In some other instances this technology might include VR hotel tours/ 360 video tours or interactive virtual maps or to present the hotel upfront.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is more or less similar to Virtual Reality, which involves augmenting an individual’s real surroundings instead of recreating them. Users require only a tablet device or a smartphone with internet access. An additional benefit is that its less expensive than VR.  Hotels can provide valuable information about the local destination, entertainment details, and much more. In the travel and tourism industry, the customer experience can be enhanced with the graphical overlays.

5. Robotics

In this digital era, robotics is one of the most prevalent technology in every business. Robots are frequently equipped with speech recognition technology for a better experience. Some of the hotels like Hilton make use of this in place information points by chains. They can also be used for pre-screening, engaging customers in their waiting time. 

6. Artificial Intelligence

Travel and tourism industries make use of this technology with chatbots to deliver an immediate response to problems and queries of their customers. Some of its attractive features are:

    Learn from customer interaction
    Draw conclusions
    Manage inventory effectively

7. Big Data

Improve personalization is one of the most significant advantages of using Big Data. Travel companies use the data they gather to make certain adjustments to their service.  Another critical use of Big Data is to analyze and determine the current business performance. In the travel industry, hotel owners can make use of big data for effective revenue management. They also make use of the historical occupancy rates and past trends in performance to analyze the demand better.

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